All you have to do is write one true sentence

One of the things I’m involved in as an editor at an indie press is adjudicating fiction in our competitions. This year we’ve amalgamated the fiction prizes into one so that people can submit across prose genres — short stories, novels and novellas.

Don’t tell me…

It’s often easier to start from what doesn’t work.

Choices, choices…

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Trust the process

Hemingway has more good advice on writing prose in A Moveable Feast (which I recently read on a train):

Truth doesn’t need to be ‘the facts’

True sentences do not have to be ‘the truth’. So often fiction writers come unstuck on the notion that they have to get in everything (especially if ‘real life’ was the inspiration for a story).

Get in quick

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One true sentence

Cinnamon Press’s next fiction competition has a deadline at the end of July. The adjudicators will be novel and story writers Adam Craig and Tracey Iceton.

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