How to fly to the sun on powerful wings

When the myths are dysfunctional

In the forest of personal myth

imagining the path

  • a sense of identity and renewed self image
  • autonomy within community
  • deeper understanding
  • listening
  • alternative possibilities
  • a sense of purpose and quest

becoming a different story

with a new name

Marc Chagall, Jacob Wrestling with the Angel

with a found story

without reaching the end of the story

with hope not despair

  • be those that don’t rely on ego, but dig deep to make profound connections.
  • have the intensity of the numinous.
  • have the compassion of understanding.
  • nurture the soul, rather than making us sick.
  • change us, giving us new names.
  • be both personal and collective.
  • be part of the process, not the end of the story.
  • be found not invented.

Becoming a Different Story



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