Stop following your dreams and do this instead

So what’s wrong with finding our passion and following those dreams?

1. You don’t have one fixed purpose, you have choices

2. You may not know your passions yet

3. Putting dreams first is the wrong way round

4. Asking ‘what can I give?’ rather than ‘what can I get?’ is a better route

Instead of dreams?

1. Get the skills

2. Be deliberate

  • constant new learning
  • pushing beyond your comfort zone
  • putting in time and tracking it
  • taking on projects that stretch you and getting feedback

3. Make connections

4. Make small experiments

5. Be extraordinary

6. Be in the right place

In short

  • If we set out to follow our dreams without the skills and connections needed, there is a danger of imminent disappointment.
  • There isn’t one purpose in life waiting for discovery.
  • Instead of chasing dreams look for an area where you can exercise creativity, make a difference and increase your autonomy.
  • It’s better to ask what you can give to the world than what it can give you.
  • Push yourself; stretch your mind, be patient: focus and concentrate.
  • As you develop skills, make connections and become extraordinary, the passion will follow and you will find yourself on a mission.



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